After a Tough Week, Let’s Figure Out Our Next Move

This week has been rough, but now’s not the time to bow out.

4 Top Stock Trades for Wednesday: NFLX, ROKU, HAL, S&P 500

Netflix, Roku, Halliburton and the S&P 500 ETF were our top stock trades for Wednesday. Let's look at how the chart is setting up now.

4 Top Stock Trades for Wednesday: AAPL, BA, WYNN, S&P 500

Apple, Boeing, Wynn and the S&P 500 were our top stock trades for Wednesday. That being said, here's how we're trading the stocks now.

5 Top Stock Trades for Tuesday: NVDA, TWLO, MA, STMP, S&P 500

The S&P 500, MasterCard, Nvidia, Stamps.com and Twilio were our top stock trades.That said, here's what the charts are telling us now.

Make Money, Courtesy of the Federal Reserve

The economy is trying to recover from the blow Covid-19 dealt it. But quick investors can use support from the Federal Reserve to make money.

The Market May Be Rising Again, But Stay on Your Toes

When a small group of stocks is driving the market’s gains, it indicates that market “breadth” is narrow. That’s concerning because these rallies are prone to reversals.

Jeff Clark’s Market Minute: Get Ready to Buy

Having a plan ahead of time will help you set the emotions aside and take advantage of the buying opportunity.

Jeff Clark’s Market Minute: The Correction Isn’t Over

I don’t think stocks are just going to keep on moving higher from here. The market has more work to do on the downside.

Jeff Clark’s Market Minute: 15 Minutes From a Bear Market

Somehow, someway, buyers rode to the rescue and rallied the S&P 500 by 74 points in the last 15 minutes of the trading day on Friday.

Jeff Clark’s Market Minute: This Indicator Is on a Hot Streak

Traders were buying far more call options than put options last week. That should lead to weakness in stocks in the days ahead.

Jeff Clark’s Market Minute: Energy Is Building for Another Big Move

It seems reasonable that the catalyst for a large move today will be the FOMC announcement this afternoon.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time to Buy Salesforce Stock

Salesforce (CRM) is a proven winner and its stock continues to reward buyers. Get long CRM stock now for the long-term!

Is This Consolidation Normal?

While it might be tempting to panic, don't worry -- this is perfectly healthy for the markets after the correction.

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust Is a Promising Trade Now

I don't think the bull market is over, so I want to start betting long on the stock market bounce with the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY). But, since I am a conservative fundamental trader, I want to leave plenty of room for error.

10 Small-Cap Stocks That Look Like Hidden Gems

These small-cap stocks to buy aren't subject to the same white hot light as their large-cap brethren, which means they're undiscovered and unfettered.

The S&P 500 Is On Borrowed Time

U.S. equities fell from Monday's record highs on Tuesday as oil entered a bear market -- watch for an overall correction.

S&P 500 Industrials Keep Looking Unstoppable

While tech stocks rose after a pause during last week, industrials look great and energy and retail are still no-go zones.

The Pain Probably Isn’t Over for Big Tech Stocks

A move to value stocks instead of growth names has been impacting tech stocks, so traders may want to use caution.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Stock Hit Hard Amid Nasdaq Bloodbath

As the Wall Street adage warns: Stocks take the stairs up, but the elevator down. That was on full display as the “FAANGs” collapsed.